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Equipment is missing or misplaced! Operating location running far below its planned capacity! Employees spending avoidable time waiting/searching for missing equipments, equipment procurement budget being stretched to cater to lost equipments! Avoidable deaths due to lack of patients safety measures! Poorly managed compliance challenges and equipment maintenance!

If you, at the helm of a large hospital operation, are grappling with these issues, our Anytime Anywhere asset visibility product tailored for healthcare organizations is now available to address your concerns.


Higher productivity, efficient and prompt patient care are the key drivers to successful and profitable healthcare organizations.

Rasilants healthcare solution built on its RFID devices, delivers all services to make your hospital more efficient, safe and patient friendly.

Functions of the solution

Features of the Solution

  • Does not require any additional communication interface
  • Highly Scalable
  • Easily deployable
  • Needs no hardwiring, fixed infrastructure or additional cables, offers a non-disruptive, dust free installation, can be deployed even in occupied patient rooms or sterile areas
  • Easy to operate virtually no staff training is required
  • Easily modifiable for use in dynamic environments
  • Can be easily integrated with other systems using standard APIs
  • Highly cost effective

Benefits of the System:

  • Real time Identification
  • Enhanced Healthcare Workflow
  • Proper administration of expensive equipment
  • Increased patient care

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Rasilant Technologies also provides Other RFID Based Solutions, including RFID Solutions for Corporates, RFID for Education, Government System Management, Industrial Process Automation, Hospital Automation and Hotel Automation, across the globe.

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